Meet Daylen!

Daylen’s Place was established in 2020 by Daylen’s father, Greg Toews.  Greg’s vision was to give Daylen the best opportunity to live, achieve, and experience a life that is often taken for granted.

Like many parents of children with Down Syndrome, Greg wanted to give his son the best life possible after high school graduation. Daylen’s Field of Dreams is an opportunity for young adults to have a meaningful life and living experience amongst other people with Down Syndrome. 

Daylen’s Place is a one-of-a-kind housing and living experience situated near Okotoks, AB. Nestled in the peaceful river valley by the Darcy Ranch golf course, the residential facility includes two 4,200 square foot homes, each with seven master suites and state-of-the-art common areas. The facilities are designed to support safe and independent living for adults 18+ with Down Syndrome.

My first meeting with Greg was walking in a bare field of grass where his dream now stands, he was passionate about his vision then and it has only grown since then as we went through this journey.

Dana Robinson

Throughout the process Greg was very hands on and involved in all the design decisions from placing the houses on the lots to the colors and materials on the exteriors all the way to choosing appliances and floor coverings.

Dana Robinson

His dedication to Daylen and Gregs vision of giving Daylen and other Down Syndrome adults the opportunity to learn and grow into independent adults is an an inspiration to anyone with children, with or without Downs Syndrome.

Dana Robinson

Daylen's Place

Living + Learning Center

At Daylen’s Place, adults with Down Syndrome are able to share the experience of living and growing in a loving, caring, and safe environment.